Save time and money using video to text transcription services

Video transcription involves all types of video recordings converted into a typed document/Transcript. This type of transcription is offered for Streaming media, DVDs, Podcasts, Webcast and Videotapes. This achieved by the transcribers watching the video and typing every sound that is heard in. Just like any other kind of transcription service, this is handled with a lot of expertise.

However, the process takes a bit longer and it slightly costs more than the other types of transcription processes. This is so because the transcribers use a foot pedal to be able to control the video/audio or in some instances, they have to do it manually. Darrell commented, “Our employees transcribe very fast and accurately. Typically, they can get a job done more efficiently than someone who does not regularly practice the art of transcription.”

In all this process, a lot of emphases is put on quality and the client’s special requirements. The typists and quality checkers who handle this kind of work have a great experience that has been acquired over a long period of time. This ensures that client’s satisfaction is achieved through delivering work that meets their specifications and is of quality. Some of the clients that benefit from this process are; the Media Industry, Educational Institutions, Theatre and film production industries.

This process is very key because it a very easy way of creating awareness on the Internet. This is so because it enhances search engine Optimization. This enables anyone who visits the Internet to get access to your work simply by typing any phrase/word that may be appearing in your video. These makes researchers work easier instead of watching the video they are able to access the transcripts. In education, it is very important because it used to create sub-titles.

This process allows time codes hence one is able to listen to a particular part that is desired. This is a sure way of ensuring that your work is publicized accordingly. A lot of your time is saved and the work you receive is of quality with a proficient and professional touch at the client’s desire time and format.

Technology has made it simpler for anyone Save time and money using video to text transcription services. These days there are plenty of free software available online that allow startups wanting to try out transcription services as a business venture. This could entail conversion of video material recorded on tapes into text form where the transcriber painstakingly listens to what has been said on the tape and transcribes it in written format as specified by the client.

Lectures or speeches are more often than not a monologue where there is just one person speaking and transcribing …

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