Sure, moving can be a long and hard process to go through regardless if you want to do it yourself or opt to hire an expert moving company that can provide a Jacksonville truck and two men to assist you throughout the moment. Packing, planning, organizing, and downsizing don’t necessarily need to be an exhausting process. You can actually keep ahead of the moving hassles and smoothly accomplish your move with the following list of moving tips you can consider. 

Keep hardware together 

If you plan to disassemble any furniture without any help from the experts, guarantee that all the hardware and screws are labeled in a plastic bag. Then, you can either place it in a separate box or tape the bag to the furniture itself and label it.  

Refrain from overpacking boxes 

The general rule says that every box should only contain 50 lbs. item. If you overpack a box, there’s a tendency that incidents of injury will be increased while moving while it compromises your packing boxes’ stability, which can actually damage your belongings.  

Secure fragile things 

If you don’t have a bubble wrap or a packing paper with you, you can simply secure fragile materials with plastic grocery bags, newspapers, and magazines. However, be cautious of their inks.  

Eliminate carpeting dents 

You can get rid of any dents that were retained from furniture on your carpet flooring easily by putting ice cubes on the dents. Allow them to melt and then lift the fibers with a spoon. This can make your carpet flooring look more attractive to prospective buyers and could eventually aid you to receive your deposit back.  

Update all of your accounts 

Many weeks before your moving day, make sure to update all of your addresses for your utilities and accounts.  

Plan your meals 

Food is perhaps the last thing you have to be concerned about during the incoming days towards your moving day. So, you have to plan your meals in advance and purge. Once you hire expert movers, it’s essential to be aware that the majority of moving companies won’t transport refrigerated, produce, perishables, and frozen foods. Hence, we suggest you purge such items prior to your move date. Moreover, you should plan what you like to eat during your move-in day to prevent the added stress of thinking about what to eat after the long day.  

Clean your new place 

As much as you can, take a couple of hours out of your day to visit your new place and do some cleaning. Make sure to clean the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas of your home. If you move into a clean environment, it’ll really help you to remove the stress you’ve experienced all day. Also, you can save your energy and time after you finished moving since you don’t have to clean it anymore when your things arrive.  

Hire the experts 

If you think you cannot handle all of the fuss and stress associated with moving, then hire the best moving company in town for professional assistance.