Though the need for tree removal or care service and the surrounding places could happen at any time of the year, the conditions of winter weather all over the region will usually increase the need for particular actions. Freezing rain, heavy snow, and/or extreme winds will/can conspire to cause extensive destruction to power lines, neighboring property, and trees. As a result, it poses safety risks to families and their property owners.  

Some of them may be more likely to deal with any tree damage due to winter storm by themselves, maybe as a way to save on expenses. However, this idea should extremely be discouraged due to several reasons that will only contravene any financial benefits you’ll be getting. Below are some of the possible consequences you might encounter if you address tree damage without the right expertise, equipment, and training: 

  • Liabilities – rejecting damage claims by taking not-permitted or non-approved actions 
  • Prompting of infestation or decay – improper neglect/removal of diseased/deadwood 
  • Permanent tree damage by using over-aggressive and/or actions.  
  • Injury risk – working on a ladder or using a chainsaw without proper safety measures 
  • More property damage from DIY tree felling or branch cutting techniques. 
  • Impaired tree recovery/growth during the spring because of improper and/or undue pruning.  

If you are currently experiencing some and all of all these concerns that must be paid attention to because the damaged caused by of ice, snow, or high winds, then we highly recommend that you should contact an expert and reputable tree removal company and use their professional tree services to help rectify and manage the situation.  

Why tree removal service is the most used after winter storms? 

Based on the winter storm damage’s scope, there are a lot of remedies or actions that can be done by an expert tree care service provider. The best course of action to take can be identified by doing an initial evaluation, which can possibly assist to determine if the corrective measures are enough to preserve the condition of the tree or if must be completely removed. After the assessment, tree experts can professionally do at least one or more of the steps below on either an urgent basis or a relatively immediate as needed: 

  • Trimming and pruning (diseased, damaged, or dead limbs only) 
  • To promote faster development and healing in the summer and spring 
  • To restore visual shape and appeal to the tree 
  • To preserve tree health 
  • Tree straightening- to brace and reset partially uprooted trees 
  • Bracing and cabling to protect the tree from being even more damaged 
  • Stump removal using the latest equipment for stump grinding 
  • Tree removal- securing the required permits 

When your property’s trees have obvious damages because of a storm over the winter season, contact the professional tree care and tree removal specialists within your area today. Make sure that they are reputable and skilled in what they do to guarantee quality results and to keep your trees as healthy as ever.